Statement of Support

One Day Without Us Statement of Support

We the undersigned:

Call for a national day of action to take place on Saturday 17th February to celebrate the presence of migrants past and present in the UK.

We are moved to act by the rise in racist and xenophobic discourse that has followed the EU referendum from mainstream politicians and the national press, and by the consequent increase in both verbal and physical attacks on migrants and people who simply look or sound like migrants.

We regard these developments as a threat to our common future. The UK is and always has been a society of migration, and this reality should be welcomed and embraced. We do not regard the people who have come to work, live, study and seek refuge here as outsiders or economic commodities. Migrants share the same hopes, dreams, challenges and aspirations as the majority of the British population, and they constitute valued and valuable members of our communities across the country.

Migrants should not be blamed for social and economic problems we did not cause, such as the crisis in housing, public services and low-paid, insecure employment. These problems affect us all equally. We – migrants and non-migrants – celebrate the contributions that migrants have made to UK society in the past, and the possibility of a better future, in which we work together in the common interests of fairness, equality, inclusivity and social justice.

Thirty-six NGOs, charities, and other organisations supported our last national day of action on 20th February 2017.

We invite all those who share our vision to join us once again in actions across the UK on 17th February in a day of unity, solidarity and celebration.

Proud to be a migrant

Proud to stand with migrants

Please join us.




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