Tweet for #1DayWithoutUs

On Monday 23rd January from 7 pm to 9 pm we will start the countdown to the 20th of February by tweeting for #1DayWithoutUs. We will have then 4 weeks to go.

  • You can support us by tweeting using the hashtag #1DayWithoutUs in your tweets.
  • You can create your own tweets or use the ones below. Retweets do not count, so you will need to start a fresh tweet.
  • If you are unable to tweet between 7pm and 9pm, you can schedule your tweets using free services like TweetDeck
All of us are migrants to this world for a few days!” ― Kandathil Sebastian #1DayWithoutUs Click To Tweet You can't choose where you are born but you should be able to choose where you want to live #1DayWithoutUs Click To Tweet Humans have a desire for improvement, exploration and knowledge, that is why they have been migrating #1DayWithoutUs Click To Tweet Some people choose to migrate, others have no choice. #1DayWithoutUs Click To Tweet On Feb 20th we will celebrate the contribution of migrants to the UK with a day of action #1DayWithoutUs Click To Tweet As a migrant or child of migrants I would like to thank those who have welcomed us #1DayWithoutUs Click To Tweet Stories of Migration: Albert Einstein was a German-Jewish refugee #1DayWithoutUs Click To Tweet Let's support #1DayWithoutUs on Feb 20th to celebrate how migrants contribute to the UK Click To Tweet What contribution of migrants would you miss most? And why? #1DayWithoutUs Click To Tweet Whatever your nationality and place of origin; join us and make February 20 a day of protest, solidarity and… Click To Tweet The story of humanity is essentially the story of human movement-Patrick Kingsley #1DayWithoutUs Click To Tweet Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto I am a human; nothing human is alien to me. Roman poet Terence, 163 BC.… Click To Tweet How has migration improved your own life? Tell us your story #1DayWithoutUs Click To Tweet 20th Feb will be above all a day of celebration JOIN #1DayWithoutUs, find a group in your local area Click To Tweet “We asked for workers. We got people instead.” ― Max Frisch #1DayWithoutUs Click To Tweet #1DayWithoutUs Thanks to all migrant health care workers who save lives in the UK! Click To Tweet History in its broadest aspect is a record of man's migrations from one environment to another Ellsworth Huntington… Click To Tweet Stories of migration: Jesus, his family fled because of King Herod #1DayWithoutUs Click To Tweet Borders are man made and migration is not a crime Click To Tweet #1DayWithoutUs Wherever we were born, we are all family, neighbours, friends and colleagues. Click To Tweet Join us on Feb 20th #1DayWithoutUs! Celebrate everyone's contributions! Click To Tweet #1DayWithoutUs Thanks to all the migrant workers in the food industry in UK Click To Tweet What can you do on Feb 20th for #1DayWithoutUs? Here you find some ideas for different types of activities… Click To Tweet There are currently 65 million and counting refugees in the world. Most refugees are Syrian followed by Afghans… Click To Tweet Thank you for all the nurses working in the NHS and coming from so many countries #1DayWithoutUs Click To Tweet “Men build too many walls and not enough bridges.” ― Joseph Fort Newton #1DayWithoutUs Click To Tweet Thank you to all the people working in social care, many come from many different countries #1DayWithoutUs Click To Tweet Even Fish 'n Chips have international origins #1DayWithoutUs Click To Tweet #1DayWithoutUs Thanks to migrant workers in all industries who help our economy thrive! Click To Tweet We need a new politics, that values everyone regardless of where they come from Click To Tweet Recognize yourself in he and she who are not like you and me. Click To Tweet #1DayWithoutUs Thanks to all migrant teachers helping educate our young people in the UK Click To Tweet -History in its broadest aspect is a record of man's migrations from one environment to another.- Ellsworth… Click To Tweet Newcomers to our land are not part of the problem, they are part of the solution- Roger Mahoney #1DayWithoutUs Click To Tweet Reasons for migration: Everyone wants the best life they can provide for their children #1DayWithoutUs Click To Tweet #1DayWithoutUs Every day, migrants work hard to make the UK a more prosperous country Click To Tweet This country is our home, and we bring our enthusiasm and our hard work #1DayWithoutUs Click To Tweet The UK’s health service, food industry, manufacturing and retail couldn’t manage even #1DayWithoutUs Click To Tweet The UK’s national dish is curry #1DayWithoutUs Click To Tweet