One Day Without Us and the Stop Trump Coalition: a message to our supporters

Many people will have heard that the Stop Trump Coalition have linked their protest on Feb 20 to our campaign. We would like to reassure our supporters that this does not mean that One Day Without Us is changing its identity, its values or its priorities.

We recognize that tens of thousands of people across the country have been moved to act in response to Trump’s anti-migrant and anti-Muslim rhetoric, and we have been in discussion with the coalition organisers to ensure that our two campaigns complement each other.

The Stop Trump Coalition organisers have shown an admirable willingness to facilitate the many events we have already planned across the country. They share with us a common determination to uphold the rights of migrants and defend the rights of EU nationals.

They also want to celebrate the contribution that migrants have made to the UK , and their organizing committee has asked their supporters to contact our local groups to coordinate local activities and avoid any potential conflict of interest.

We urge all those who have already given so much to our campaign to continue their work over the next weeks, and contact local Stop Trump organisers where necessary to see that their activities do not conflict with each other.

Our two campaigns share a common rejection of the politics of hatred and division and a common refusal to accept the scapegoating of migrants.

Between us, we can make Feb 20 the greatest statement of solidarity with migrants in UK history.

Let us seize this opportunity, and stand alongside the migrants we have known as colleagues, co-workers and friends. Let us celebrate their presence and show our own politicians – and Donald Trump – the kind of society that the UK has already been – and can still be.

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