Ideas For Different Types of Activity

The organisers of 1daywithoutus invite you to be as creative as you can be and invent your own way of participating in 1daywithoutus.
We want to see a diversity of activities unfold in locations across the UK throughout the whole day that reflects the immense diversity and richness of migrants’ contribution to the UK.
The organisers will not be endorsing (or criticising) different actions, but we will help publicise the range of actions people choose to take under the banner. This means everyone needs to take responsibility for the consequences of the actions they organise.

Many people have informed us that they will be organising celebrations and parties in their local community. Some have said they will organise marches and gatherings in their towns,

Some have said they will stage a protest outside their work place.
We encourage creativity! This is your day to communicate the truth that the UK needs the vital contribution of its migrants, from a social, economical and cultural perspective.
Below are a range of suggested actions you might like to take, but please don’t be limited by them. If you are planning to do something, please let us know via email so that we can continue adding to this list.
We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Wear 1daywithoutus badges and armbands
  • Attach 1daywithoutus labels to workplace lanyards/ security passes
  • Display posters/stickers/banners in the workplace
  • ‘Pot lucks’ – communal meals with migrants and their neighbours.
  • Multicultural food stalls/parties
  • Take and post selfies on social media, showing migrants and non-migrants wearing 1daywithoutus lanyards etc
  • 10 minute gatherings in the workplace at lunchtime/teatime rallies celebrating solidarity and teamwork of migrants and non-migrants. Try to enlist support of senior staff. Use social media to show evidence of this happening around the country in workplaces big and small
  • Similar gatherings in schools celebrating the presence of migrant children and parents in the school and community w/ ‘human libraries’.
  • Celebrating migrants days in schools
  • Five minute silences
  • Human libraries in public places
  • Public rallies with migrant testimonies
  • 1daywithoutus lobbies – letters delivered to Number 10, HoC, Holyrood, Cardiff, TUC, CBI, IOD HQs, town and country halls
  • Small symbolic delegations of migrant workers and colleagues in work gear, uniforms etc – at same point in the day
  • Work stoppages/walk outs
  • Day off work
  • Proxy strikers. If you want to take time off work but can’t, get someone to stand outside your workplace or march in your place
  • Concerts, poetry readings, film showings/flash mob dances/dance shutdowns
  • Local march from a to b (e.g. town hall to town square)
  • Pre-and post march bookend of speeches

Participating on social media

We will be organising a way for anyone who wants to, including individuals who want to participate individually to join us via social media at 1pm on the 20th February 2017.
Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, we’ll be asking you to take a moment to photograph yourself and your friends, family or colleagues who also support One Day Without Us, then post the images on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and any other social media platforms you belong to using the hashtag #1daywithoutus.

More details will be available on our website – so please watch this space.