What is One Day Without Us?

One Day Without Us is a national day of action on 20th February 2017, in support of EU nationals and non EU immigrants living, working, and studying in this country.

What is a national boycott?

We are inviting EU nationals and immigrants from around the world to demonstrate what you bring to this country. Take time out from your normal activities, for as much of the day as you are able to, whether this is your work, business or studies. How much time you take, the way you go about it and how you show your support is entirely up to you.

We realise that people may not be able to do this, so there are lots of other ways to get involved (see ‘What Can I do?’)

Where is One Day Without Us happening?

Everywhere. We want every community to take part on 20th February, and there are local groups forming all over the country. You can check the groups page on our website to see where they are.

How do I find out what’s happening in my area?

We have local groups forming all over the country, who are making plans and organising events and activities in their community. If you look on our groups page you will find them. If there isn’t a group already organised, then perhaps you can set one up? We will do our best to support you, and put you in touch with other people in your area who want to do something.

What can I do?

There are so many ways to get involved! You can take part in the boycott on the day. You might decide to find your own way of taking part, if you can’t take time off work or college. You can join (or start) a One Day Without Us group in your area, and help to plan events and activities for the day.

You could organise something in your workplace, business or college to celebrate all the things that people bring to this country. You could choose to take positive actions on the day, such as volunteering to help a local charity or organising an activity that benefits your whole community. You could hold a party, or a bake off, or a ‘bring and share’ meal, to celebrate the diversity of people in your workplace, college or community. You could find your own way to show what this means to you…

We hope that people will be imaginative, creative and come up with ideas we would never even have thought of!

What about people who have to work, and can’t boycott or get the day off?

We realise that many people have duties and responsibilities that they can’t just leave, and many people can’t afford to take time off work. But we hope that you will be able to find other ways to demonstrate your support. We are producing badges for people to wear on the day, we also have posters and flyers you could display. We hope that people will also be creative and imaginative in this respect.

Who is organising this?

One Day Without Us is being run and organised by ordinary people from all walks of life, and all of us are volunteers. We are EU citizens, immigrants from around the world and UK citizens. We are the descendants of immigrants, and we are non-immigrants. We come from many different political backgrounds. We include Leavers and Remainers. We are united in wanting to stand against racism, xenophobia and intolerance.

Are you part of a political party?

No. One Day Without Us is a grassroots organisation, made up of ordinary people from every political party and none, and from both sides of the referendum debate. We are not affiliated to any political party.

What about the trade unions. Are they involved?

One Day Without Us is not being organised by the trade union movement. This is a grassroots movement, made up of people from all walks of life. We hope that some unions will support the day, in principle and for their own staff.

Is this legal?

The UK has some of the harshest anti-strike laws in the developed world. These make it extremely difficult for people and their unions to strike against poor working conditions, low pay or discrimination. This is deeply unfair to all UK workers, especially people in the so-called ‘gig economy’, and it makes immigrant and migrant workers very vulnerable to unscrupulous employers.

We absolutely support the right of people to take collective action, but One Day Without Us is not a ‘trade dispute’ as defined in UK law. For this reason we are not asking people to breach the terms of their contract of employment, and we don’t want to put people’s jobs at risk. We are inviting people to take time out from their normal activities for as much of the day as they are able to, and to the extent that they, themselves, feel comfortable with.

I am UK born. Can I take part?

Absolutely! This is an event for everyone, whether you are born in the UK or outside it, whether you are descended from immigrants or not. It is the responsibility of us all to stand against hatred, xenophobia and intolerance. It is an opportunity for all of us to reset the debate, and make our country feel like a welcoming place again.

Will there be any demonstrations?

At the moment we don’t know of any planned demonstrations, but it is very early days and we hope this will change. Perhaps you could organise one in your area?

Why should I register on your website?

If you register, then we can keep you informed about what’s happening and you will be able to talk with people around the country who are also taking part. We will not pass your details to any other group or organisation, and we will only use the information you provide to assist us in organising the day of action.

What is the official One Day Without Us hashtag?


Will there be badges?

Yes! Head over to the shop!

Are there posters and materials I can download?

Yes! Look on the resources page of our website. We have posters, flyers, ‘how to’ guides and letter templates. If there is something you feel is lacking, please let us know and we’ll do our best to sort it out.

Click here for more ideas and info on how to participate.