What is One Day Without Us?

One Day Without Us is a national day of action on 17 February 2018, celebrating migrants and migration in the UK.

What do you mean by migrant?

By migrant we mean all those who have come to live, work and study in the UK, regardless of their legal categorisation. We mean EU citizens and non-EU nationals, refugees and asylum seekers, and those who come here as students, workers, parents or grandparents We also want to celebrate the historic contribution that migration has made to the UK, and so we want to include the children and grand-children of migrants in our day of action. We do not recognize hierarchies of migrants, or divisions between ‘worthy’ and ‘unworthy’ migrants.

I am UK born. Can I take part?

Absolutely! This is an event for everyone, whether you are born in the UK or outside it, whether you are descended from immigrants or not. It is the responsibility of us all to stand against hatred, xenophobia and intolerance. Our day of action is an opportunity for all of us to reset the debate, and make our country feel like a welcoming place again. We  invite British citizens who share our views to recognize and celebrate the contributions that migrants have made to UK society, and to take the opportunity to show solidarity on our day of action.

Is One Day Without Us anti-Brexit?

It is not. Though we recognize that anti-immigration sentiment played a crucial role in the EU referendum, we believe that the issue of migrants rights transcends the result. We do not take an official position on Brexit except insofar as it relates to migrants and migration. So, for example, we are in favour of freedom of movement and defending the rights of EU nationals, but we also oppose spousal reunion restrictions on non-EU nationals, and ‘hostile environment’ measures such as obliging doctors to act as immigration officers. Our campaign includes those who voted Remain and Leave in the EU Referendum, and we are open to cooperation with groups, individuals and organisations that voted on both sides.

Where is One Day Without Us happening?

Everywhere. We want every community to take part on 20th February, and there are local groups forming all over the country. You can check the groups page on our website to see where they are.

How do I find out what’s happening in my area?

We have local groups forming all over the country, who are making plans and organising events and activities in their community. If you look on our groups page you will find them. If there isn’t a group already organised, then perhaps you can set one up? We will do our best to support you, and put you in touch with other people in your area who want to do something.

What can I do?

There are so many ways to get involved! The range of events on our first national day of action on Feb 20 included public rallies, demonstrations, work boycotts, student walkouts, poetry readings, dancing, music. You can join (or start) a One Day Without Us group in your area, and help to plan events and activities for the day.

You could organise something in your workplace, school, business, trade union or college to celebrate all the things that people bring to this country. You could choose to take positive actions on the day, such as volunteering to help a local charity or organising an activity that benefits your whole community. You could hold a party, or a bake off, or a ‘bring and share’ meal, to celebrate the diversity of people in your workplace, college or community. You could find your own way to show what this means to you.

We are seeking the widest possible mobilisation of migrants and their supporters on 17 February. We do not endorse or criticize any particular action, but leave it to particular migrant communities to use our national day of action as a platform in whichever way they choose, and prioritise what is important to them

We hope that people will be imaginative, creative and come up with ideas we would never even have thought of!

Who is organising this?

One Day Without Us is being run and organised by ordinary people from all walks of life, and all of us are volunteers. We are  EU citizens, immigrants from around the world and UK citizens. We are the descendants of immigrants, and we are non-immigrants. We come from many different political backgrounds.

Are you part of a political party?

No. One Day Without Us is a grassroots movement, made up of ordinary people from every political party and none, and from both sides of the referendum debate. Though we have no party political affiliations, we welcome  support from politicians and political parties who share our views.

What about the trade unions. Are they involved?

One Day Without Us is not being organised by the trade union movement. Nevertheless, a number of unions supported us last time, and we hope that they will do so again.

How can I keep in touch with what is going on?

You can subscribe to our newsletter. It will keep you informed about what’s happening and you will be able to talk with people around the country who are also taking part. We will not pass your details to any other group or organisation, and we will only use the information you provide to assist us in organising the day of action.

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