3 May Local Elections: Make your vote count!

One of the essential objectives of the 1 Day Without Us campaign has always been to bring migrant voices that are too often marginalised or excluded to the national political debate. Our national day of action on 17 Feb was intended to provide a common platform for migrants and their supporters to make their voices heard. On 3 May, there will be another opportunity to do this, when local council elections take place across England in 32 London boroughs, 34 metropolitan boroughs, 68 district/borough councils and 17 unitary authorities.

Migrant voices are rarely heard in national election campaigns, where the main political parties tend to be responsive only to negative public ‘concerns’ about immigration. But local elections provide an opportunity for migrants and their supporters to bring their concerns to the table and apply serious pressure from below.

These elections are an opportunity for EU nationals to exercise their treaty rights – and a chance for all migrants and supporters of migrants to make their voices heard. You may choose to punish parties that have not represented or upheld your interests. Or you may decide to vote for local council candidates whose positions on migrants and migration are very different from their respective party leadership.

Whether you are concerned with EU citizens rights, with spousal reunion income thresholds, with freedom of movement, or the ongoing ‘hostile environment’ policies enacted by Theresa May’s government, the coming elections represent another opportunity to bring these concerns to the national conversation.
For these reasons we urge all migrants and their supporters to make their vote count and make their voices heard.

1 Day Without Us

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