London Projections for #1DayWithoutUs

On 17th Feb the 1 Day Without Us campaign will be holding its second national day of action in solidarity with migrants in the UK.  Communities across the country will be putting on events proclaiming the campaign slogan ‘Proud to be a migrant/Proud to stand with migrants.’

As part of the preparation for the campaign in London, the 1 Day Without Us London group has commissioned a series of projections onto Tower Bridge, The Tate Modern and Waterloo Bridge from the guerrilla projectionist FeralXwith pictures by photographer Steve Eason.

I, like many others, moved to London because it was a multicultural, vibrant  and welcoming city. These projections should remind us that centuries of migration have made London what it is nowa very unique and special place. To continue to be one of the most dynamic cities in the world. London has to attract and welcome migrants.‘ – says one of national organisers Laura Stringhetti. 

All photographs are under CC license and should be credited to FeralX and Steve Eason.  Images are available here

For further examples of FeralX’s work see: or @x_feral