Paul’s hospital experience

After a recent accident, I was taken unconscious to Southampton General Hospital. After some days, I recovered consciousness and and understood how vital and important is the work of the nursing staff to help people recover.

Nurses are amazing people. Their care, compassion and hard work saves lives. I learned that many work 12 hours shifts and many work extra shifts because of under staffing. I learned also that well over 50% of the wonderful nursing staff are EU nationals. From Spain, Portugal, Poland, etc. Many others are from outside the EU: Philippines, India, etc. All the ones I met were very dedicated caring people with fluent English skills and a joyous good humour that was very welcome.

I have been deeply moved by the care and kindness I have experienced at Southampton General Hospital and I have written to the chief executive to praise all the staff who looked after me.

In addition, I have worked in an international team for 11 years: French, German, British. I learned a lot from my EU colleagues and I am very glad I had the opportunity to work closely with them.

Also, I lived and worked in Germany some years ago. It was an excellent experience.

The UK needs the dedicated hardworking EU nationals who contribute to the economy and, in the NHS, save lives.

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